Serial 1 Maintenance Schedule

Service must be performed at specified intervals to keep your eBicycle operating at peak performance.

Note: Perform maintenance more frequently in severe riding conditions such as extreme temperatures, dusty environments, rough roads, long storage conditions, short runs, or heavy stop & go traffic.
Perform spoke tension check at every 10 hours or after a hard ride over rough roads.
Regular maintenance needs to continue for the entire time the eBicycle is owned.

Minimum Service Intervals:


Recommended Service Each Ride 1 Month 6 Months 12 Months
(repeated at every interval)

0 mi

(0 km)

250 mi

(400 km)

1500 mi

(2400 km)

3000 mi

 (4800 km)

Check tire pressure and tread, wheel rims for damage X X X X
Charge battery fully X X X X
Check brake functionality X X X X
Check lamp and reflector functionality X X X X
Check bell functionality X X X X
Verify handlebars and fork/front wheel turn X X X X
Check and adjust / retighten nuts, bolts, and screws and verify torque values X X X X
Check wheel spoke tightness   X X X
Check handlebar clamp fastener screw torque   X X X
Check axle nut torque   X X X
Inspect and lubricate kick stand and pedals   X X X
Inspect frame for cracks, breaks, nicks, failed welds   X X X
Road test to verify component and system functions   X X X
Inspect brake pads and discs for wear and alignment   X X X
Check alignment of sprocket and the belt tension     X X
True wheels     X X
Inspect brake system for leaks, abrasion, or stretch       X


Full E-bike Tune-Ups are recommended minimum every 12 months at a local bike shop or any Serial 1 dealer.

CAUTION: As with all mechanical components are subjected to wear and stresses, fatigue will occur. If the design life of a component has been exceeded, it may suddenly fail, possibly causing injury or damage. Regular servicing can help identify potential issues.